Tim Boldorf

Tim graduated from an economic focussed highschool and runs his own real-estate business since 2012. At Klak, he is responsible for finances and investor relations and was, in fact, the first investor.

Andreas Berres

Andreas graduated in Economics in Würzburg (Bavaria) and St. Petersburg (Russia). He invented the case and is responsible for product development and everything creative related to Klak.

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Dr. Marius Johnen

External consultant

Klak - the story

We began developing Klak in 2015. After building the first working prototypes, Andreas wrote his Bachelorthesis about the case. In the same year, Tim joined the team and we got Klak patented. 2019 is the year for Klak - Klak is ready for mass production, we just need your support!

Its your turn!


Prototype 1 · 2015

A simple wooden construction, which showed us that the mechanism works.

Prototype 2 · 2015

Tougher materials were combined with better and stronger elastics. Klak works!

Prototype 3 · 2016/17

The design was finalised and the mechanism works perfectly reliable, even from 30cm. The design and mechanism is customizable for any smartphone.

Prototype 4 · 2018/19

Our strongest prototype yet. Made out of the best materials, Klak survives even the most tremendous drop tests. Click here for videos!

Our prototypes are produced by:

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