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Questions, we might think you could ask yourself, related to Klak. Let us answer them.


Klak is available for iPhone 6 to 8, aren't these phones a bit old?

By offering iPhone 6 to 8 we can cover the greatest target audience out there, for the lowest cost of production, due to similar measurements of the phones. This gets us higher chances on getting funded successfully.

Will there be newer models, after being successfully funded?

Yes! Newer models from Samsung and Apple will come, as soon as we get funded successfully. They will be offered as stretch goals during the campaign. We plan to offer Klak for major phones out in the market.

When and where is Klak available for purchase?

Klak will be available for preorder from May 2019 on Kickstarter.

Is Klak really safe?

Yes, it is. Klak offers some of the best protection out there, combined with a new way of using a folio case.

We dropped the same case for around 300 times in the past 12 months. From great heights up to 20 Meters (65 feet) to smaller heights like tables or walls. We dropped it on edges, stones, nails, tools, stairs - the case survived every crash and the phone inside hasn't got a single scratch.

Does Klak need any battery?

No, Klak works by using simple physics. No electronic parts, which could break.

Klak is a folio case, is it still convenient to use?

Totally! After a bit of using Klak, you will get used to the mechanism and explore that there is no better way of using a folio case out there. You can use Klak with only one hand.

Doesn't the lid disturb my everyday usage?

Not at all. You will get used to it very quick. From taking selfies or photos, recording voice messages or texting, to listen to music or watch videos - Klak lets you enjoy your phone like you are used to.

What's the story behind Klak?

Klak is a private project, waiting to be funded to start a successful business. To achieve this, we use Kickstarter to finance our Idea. You can read our Story in "about us"

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